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     Universal Engineering Sciences Certified Staff can provide your concrete mix design submittals in accordance with ALDOT Section 501, FDOT Section 346 and the American Concrete Institutes section 211, section 301 and section 318 requirements. We specialize in heavy, normal and lightweight concrete, grout, mortor, flowable fill, draincrete, pervious pavement and roller compacted concrete mix designs. Ship us your concrete materials for the full range of materials testing, mix proportioning and performance evaluation. Our staff is certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), ALDOT and FDOT. Our laboratory is recognized and approved by the US Army Corp of Engineers, Alabama Highway Department and the Florida Department of Transportation. Universal Engineering Sciences Labs are accredited through the AASHTO accreditation program (AAP) semi-annually. For more information call 850-944-5555.

     Below is an example of a typical plotted strength versus water to cement ratio curve. In this report three concrete mixes were established at different water to cement ratios in accordance with ACI 301. Compressive tests were performed at 28 days and a curve was plotted showing the relation between the strength and the water to cement ratio. Based on ACI 301 and 318 overdesign requirements a 3000 psi mix design would be plotted at the 4200 psi point on the curve, which designates a maximum water to cement ratio of 0.519. Once 15 or more field strength results are collected, for a designated mix, a standard deviation can be determined and used to reduce the overdesign requirements.

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Concrete Mix Design Calculator

Enter materials data in the table below,
as determined in accordance with ACI and ASTM.

Click for proportion results.


Water Demand Gals/Yd³:

Water/Cement ratio:

% Pozzolan 1 Additive:

% Pozzolan 2 Additive:

% Coarse Agg. of 
Total Agg. Volume:

% Entrained Air:

Cement Specific Gravity:

Pozzolan 1 Specific Gravity:

Pozzolan 2 Specific Gravity:

Coarse Agg. Specific Gravity:

Fine Agg. Specific Gravity:






Pozzolan 1:

Pozzolan 2:


Coarse Agg.:

Fine Agg.:

Entrained Air:


Chemical Admix

Enter recommended
dose in left column

oz/100 lbs cement+pozz




oz/100 lbs cement only

     PENSACOLATESTING.COM can not assure satisfactory performance of concrete proportions generated by this page. This program is intended for experienced concrete mix design personnel and may not be suitable for the end users intended application.

Data is accepted in the Mix Design Data Entry and Chemical Admix Tables only. To determine proportions for a mix design follow these steps:

  • Enter specific gravities for all materials to be used in the right column.
  • Enter the water demand in gallons per yard.
    Example: From known batch requirements, 32 gallons/yd³ is required to achieve a 4 inch slump using chemical additives.
  • Choose the water to cement ratio required to achieve overdesign requirements as indicated by ACI 301 and 318 (1200 psi for 3000 to 5000 psi mix design). Example: I want a 3000 psi mix. I find the 4200 psi point on the curve above, which is at 0.519.
  • Enter pozzolin percentages if used.
  • Enter the % Entrained air desired for this mix.
  • The remaining volume required to achieve 27 ft³ will be filled with coarse and fine aggregates. Enter the % of the Aggregate volume the Coarse Aggregate will fill. The remaining aggregate volume is filled with fine aggregate. Entering 0 in this field would fill 100% of the aggregate volume with fine aggregate.

Factors used by this calculator are as follows,

  • CEMENT: 1 Sack = 94 lbs. Equivalent to 1 ft³ loose volume.
  • WATER: 62.4 lbs/ft³
  • WATER: 8.33333 lbs/Gallon

Mix Design Program

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