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Mixcalc102 Normal and Heavy Weight
Concrete Mix Design, Proportion Calculator

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The Design Input page requires data for determining your mix design proportions. The required entries for calculation are as follows:

  • Water Demand - The water demand for your design is the total water required to achieve the desired slump. This amount will vary depending on materials and admixtures used.

  • Pozzolin - If used, enter your desired percentages and the specific gravities for each material. Pozzolins are considered cementitious material.

  • Aggregates - Enter the percent coarse aggregate of the total aggregate volume and the aggregate ssd specific gravities. 0% in this field would fill 100% of the aggregate volume with fine aggregate.

  • Water Cement Ratio - Enter the required water to cement ratio. The water demand, in pounds, divided by this value determines the amount of cementitious materials required.

  • Entrained Air - Enter the design air content. Concrete usually entraps 1% to 2% air without any admixtures.

After providing data for the indicated fields the mix design proportions are shown in the left columns of the page. The right side of the page provides proportions for any size batch and shows the corrected weights for free moisture on the aggregates. Don't forget to include the free moisture on your aggregates or your yield will be inaccurate. You can enter the free moisture values at the bottom left of the page.

Design Input Page (Examples of page view)

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Materials Cost Input Page

requires Windows XP or earlier

Mixcalc102f Mix Design Calculator.
Choose Batch Size. Enter Supplier, Test,
Materials, Cost Data, Moisture Adjustment.
It includes the following calculation fields.

3 fields for % Cementitious Materials
2 fields for % total Aggregates
3 admix fields at oz/100lbs Cementitious Material.

Also Includes MixCalc101.

$100.00 (USD)

When payment is complete you will be directed to the download page.
Click here to return to the Mixcalc102 main page. To purchase either of the programs click the buy now button or send check or money order to: Randall Beal 217 East Brent Lane Pensacola, FL 32503

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Adequate performance of proportions generated by the Mixcalc program is the responsibility of the user of the program. Mix Designs should be determined in accordance with the established guidelines for proportioning concrete mixtures. This program may not be suitable for the end users intended applications.