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Normal and Heavy Weight
Concrete Mix Design, Proportion Calculator

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MixCalc101 concrete mix design calculator provides a fast and easy solution to determining concrete mix design proportions.

  • MixCalc101 is a basic mix design calculator with the necessary fields for design requirements and final mix proportions. You can review the Final form below.

requires Windows XP or earlier

Mixcalc101 is a single page form,
Concrete Mix Design Calculator.
It includes the following design fields.

3 fields for % Cementitious Materials
4 fields for % total Aggregates
3 admix fields at oz/100lbs Cementitious Matl
1 admix field at oz/100lbs Cement only
Specific Gravity fields for cmt, agg & admix

$50.00 (USD)

When payment is complete you will be directed to the download page.
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Adequate performance of proportions generated by the Mixcalc program is the responsibility of the user of the program. Mix Designs should be determined in accordance with the established guidelines for proportioning concrete mixtures. This program may not be suitable for the end users intended applications.