Mix Design

Mixcalc 102 Normal and Heavy Weight
Concrete Mix Design, Proportion Calculator

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     The MixCalc 102 concrete mix design calculator requires just a few simple entries and proportions are generated automatically. Metric equivalence is also calculated automatically. Data is entered on the two Input pages only. Five layout forms, with two in metric mass, are provided for final printing. Materials cost can be shown or not by checking the cost analysis box.

All Design, Materials and Cost Data are Entered on These Two Pages.

Design and Test Data Entry

Supplier and Materials Data Entry

After Entering Your Information There are 5 Layouts Available for Printing

Batch Weights, Trail Data and Cost Print Out

Standard One Cubic Yard Batch Weights Print Out

Metric One Cubic Meter Batch Mass Print Out

Standard DOT Form Print Out

Metric DOT Form Print Out

requires Windows XP or earlier

Mixcalc102f Mix Design Calculator.
Choose Batch Size. Enter Supplier, Test,
Materials, Cost Data, Moisture Adjustment.
It includes the following calculation fields.

3 fields for % Cementitious Materials
2 fields for % total Aggregates
3 admix fields at oz/100lbs Cementitious Material.

Also Includes MixCalc101.

$100.00 (USD)

When payment clears I will email you a link with the program download and an activation code. Link will be emailed to the address you provide.
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Adequate performance of proportions generated by the Mixcalc program is the responsibility of the user of the program. Mix Designs should be determined in accordance with the established guidelines for proportioning concrete mixtures. This program may not be suitable for the end users intended applications.