Compaction Testing


Materials Testing

     Pensacola Testing Laboratories, Inc. consists of three departments. Materials Testing, Nondestructive Testing and Geotechnical Engineering/Drilling. Our materials testing department currently has eight laboratory and field testing technicians experienced in soil and/or concrete testing.
     The materials testing departments primary services include laboratory and field testing for construction operations, compaction testing of subgrade soils and engineered fill, soil preperation observations, physical property determination of aggregates, quality control and quality assurance testing for materials production facilities. ACI, FDOT, ALDOT and CTQP certifications held by our technicians include Earthwork Inspector, Aggregate Field/Lab Tech., Aggregate Base Tech., LBR FM 5-515, Concrete Field/Lab Tech., Concrete Mix Design Tech. plus many more.

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Other Services

AASHTO Accreditation Program

Partial Inventory

  • 1 Truck-mounted
    Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig
  • 1 Truck-mounted
    Diedrich D-25 Drill Rig
  • 1 Tripod-mounted Drill Rig
  • 2 Consolidometers
  • 1 Rainhart Proctor Machine
  • 2 Unconfined Shear
    Testing Devices
  • 1 California Bearing Ratio
    (CBR) and LBR Testing Device
  • 1 Relative Density
    Testing Device
  • 4 Nuclear Density Gauges
  • 1 100 Ton Hydraulic Jack
  • 1 Noggin 1000 Conquest
    Concrete Imaging System, GPR
  • 1 Noggin 250 Subsurface
    Imaging System, GPR
  • Typical Lab Equipment, ovens, scales etc.

ACI Certified
Level II Concrete Lab
Mix Design Technician

American Concrete Institute


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