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Soil Compaction

     Pensacola Testing Laboratories, Inc. currently employs nine laboratory and field testing technicians experienced in soil and/or concrete testing.
Ranges of certification include:
CTQP, FDOT, ALDOT, ACI, CMEC in Soils, Concrete Field/Lab, Aggregate Field/Lab, LBR etc.
     Our materials testing departments scope of services include:

  • Pile load testing
  • Monitor prestressed and auger-cast piling production and installation
  • Control and test site excavation operations, fill and backfill material placement

    Perform laboratory and field testing for
  • compaction test
  • relative density
  • proctor density
  • field density
  • floor flatness
  • in place floor moisture content
  • ready mix and asphaltic concrete properties and strength
  • materials gradation
  • soil classification
  • permability
  • organic content
  • Limerock Bearing Ratio, FM5-515
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • L. A. abrasion
plus other engineering property tests on soil and rock materials.
     We also design and test soil cement, grout, concrete and asphalt mixtures.


1 Truck-mounted Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig
1 Truck-mounted Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig
1 Truck-mounted Diedrich D-25 Drill Rig
1 Tripod-mounted Drill Rig
360' Hollow Stem Augers
(ID ranging from 3.25" to 12.25")
Environmental Probing System
3 High Pressure, Hot Water Cleaners
3 Supply Trailers
2 Consolidometers
1 Rainhart Proctor Machine
2 Unconfined Shear Testing Devices
1 California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and LBR Testing Device
1 Relative Density (Vibrating Table) Testing Device
3 Troxler Nuclear Density Gauges
1 Campbell Pacific Nuclear Density Gauge
1 100 Ton Hydraulic Jack and Dial Gauges for Pile Load Tests
Plus Proctor Molds, Sieves, Scales, Ovens, etc.

Asphalt Sampling
and Testing Equipment

1 Marshall Stability Testing Device
1 Muffle Furnace
2 Marshall Compaction Devices with Molds
1 Bitumen Extraction Centrifuge
Plus Sieves, Thermometers, etc.

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All testing is performed in accordance with ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, FL D.O.T., Corp of Engineers or design specification requirements.


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